Meet Our Vendor: Element Fe Knives

Where does your passion for food come from?
My mother was a back-to-the-land homesteader in the seventies, and we grew our own food year round. This led to a lifelong appreciation of ethically raised meat and vegetables. Cooking around the nation in my twenties gave me an education in the great variety of culinary styles.
Where do you source your ingredients?
Most of my metals and woods are upcycled from Bellingham area metal and furniture manufacturers, using what would otherwise be recycled or burned.
What was your biggest challenge when starting out?
Though I saw success making rustic knives from found materials, the job became a journey when I set my sights on making the finest tool possible, with the help of the best local chefs and advanced studies in metallurgy.
What’s your favorite part of this food movement?
The commitment, joy, and integrity of the young people who are farming, cooking, and appreciating locally grown foods!
What’s the best part of your job?
Customers and chefs who are delighted to cook with knives from my shop- whether it’s a meal at a fine restaurant or just a note from a happy home cook!

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  1. Andy I got my son a knife from you for Christmas last year. He has told me repeatedly that it’s the best gift I’ve ever given him and he is now 33 years old. What is the best way for him to sharpen and clean that knife? I plan to order him another one for his birthday. Thanks for making me a hero.

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